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  A Comprehensive Industry Report - Page 2
"I had no idea where to start, what to do. Your report gave me an industry snap-shot and more importantly, what to do next". - Barb S., TX

What kind of profits can I earn in this business?

The report comes complete with a Revenue Calculator.

The Revenue Calculator is provided as an estimate of possible revenues based on current amusement industry operations (included as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet). It comes complete with real-time industry data including attendance projections, per capita spending, high and low operating expenses, typical marketing budgets and owners salaries.

  • Use the Revenue Calculator to quickly run a variety of "what-if" scenarios.

The report contains a detailed instruction set with Industry Numbers so you can quickly determine if your project idea stands a chance of financial success.

  • How much will it cost to get the fun center equipment I want?
  • What are my building costs?
  • What is my total start-up budget?
  • How soon can I be open?

Next, input your local demographics and use the Income Generator and per capita spending averages to clearly identify your market potential.

  • How many children will come to my fun center in a year?
  • How much will each spend per visit?
  • What if I charged more or less for admission, how would that affect my revenues?
  • What is my gross revenue potential?

Next, use the Expense Generator to run a variety of 'scenarios' based on industry data or modify the numbers to suit your business goals and see how profitable you could be.

  • What if you reduced your annual operating expenses by 5%, how would that affect YOUR income?
  • What if you offer your staff a 3% pay raise, how would that affect your revenues?
  • Can you afford to hire another staff member, at what rate of pay?
  • What if you could market to the next community over, how would their demographics add to, and increase your revenues?
"The full Report offers a concise overview of what is involved, what you need to do to get going and what you can expect... validate your assumptions. Well worth the $30.00". - Anthony C., NJ

Get the goods before you waste time and money.

Don't waste your time trying to figure out if this makes sense or not by talking to a bunch of salesmen. It's their job to sell you stuff, how objective are they going to be?

Learn what you need to know here.

"Thank you FEC Directory! Although the road ahead sounds like it will be hard work, we have clearly determined there is a market and are moving forward... now we need your business planning services". - Joe M., OK

Sure this is a great idea for your community. There is nothing like it in your area, or the existing choices for family fun are poorly operated and you feel you could do a better job and make a good living.

  • But how do you know if this is going to work, and at what level?
  • Do you have a large enough community?
  • How do you find out?
  • How many people will come to your family fun center?
  • How often will they come?
  • How long will they stay and how much will they spend?
  • What other products, services and activities could you offer to increase your monthly revenues?
  • Should you offer food service?
  • What kind of menu works best?
Get these questions answered and more! Today, right now you can determine what you need to do, where you need to go and what information to find from who in order to make this dream a reality.

"The embedded Revenue Calculator alone is worth the $30 bucks. I was quickly able to determine just how profitable my idea could be". - Dawn L., CA.

Buy Now! Only $29.95

After completing your PAYPAL transaction you will be directed to our DOWNLOAD page where you have IMMEDIATE access to the report. Don't wait any longer for the answers you have been looking for...learn all you need to know right Now!

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