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Amusement Equipment History Laser Tag was a product created in 1986 by Don Kingsborough, Worlds of Wonder founder. Using Laser Tag equipment, players can shoot sensors worn by other players to tag them. If you're tagged a certain number of times, you're out of the game.
According to GOLF Magazine's Encyclopedia of Golf, miniature golf (mini-golf) dates back to 1916, when James Barber of Pinehurst, NC built a miniaturized version of a golf course on his estate. He mimicked the features of a regular golf course with little sand traps and small pools of water.
Skee-Ball is the most recognized name in redemption games.
The game was invented and patented in 1909 by J. D. Estes of Philadelphia. The first Skee-Ball games had alleys that were 36 feet long. By 1928, these were shortened to 14 feet and later to the present day 10 feet.

Computer Space was the very first arcade video game released by Nutting Associates in 1971. The game was rather simple in design compared to later arcade games, as the display was nothing more than a 13 inch GE Television housed in a fiberglass cabinet with a paint can as the receptacle for quarters fed into the machine. The designer of Computer Space was Nolan Bushnell who released the better known PONG arcade game the following year. Bushnell decided to have his newly formed Atari Corp. manufacture PONG after the prototype became completely stuffed with quarters on the first day of field testing.
Soft contained play (SCP) or, as it was previously called, soft modular play, is now 23 years old. It was invented by Jack Pentes in 1982 to overcome the safety hazards of outdoor physical playground equipment. Unlike traditional outdoor playground equipment, Soft Contained Play is very compact, and can be used by large numbers of children simultaneously, making it ideally suited for indoor playground facilities and family entertainment centers.
The popular amusement park redemption game Whac-A-Mole has been around for more than 25 years. Hasbro even sells home versions.
Cotton Candy was invented in the late 1800s and made its international debuts at the 1900 Paris Exposition and the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, and has now become a staple of amusement centers and theme parks.
Americans consume 7 billion hot-dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
There are six different types of corn, but only one type (called “popcorn”) can be used to make popcorn.

Find a growing list of amusement equipment suppliers for everything from indoor playground equipment and laser tag, to miniature golf, go-karts, redemption games, climbing walls, fun center themeing, arcade games, fun center insurance and amusement equipment lease financing.

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amusement equipment bullet Amusement Activities and Edutainment
Unique activity ideas for family entertainment centers, including educational content and edutainment programming.
amusement equipment bullet Amusement Equipment Leasing
Fun center, amusement park or family entertainment center, find a fine list of lease companies for your amusement equipment needs.
amusement equipment bullet Amusement Park Rides
Not just for large theme parks, these rides are fun for all ages and indoor family fun centers too!
amusement equipment bullet Animated Characters
Find a full range of animatronics and robotic characters for your family fun center.
amusement equipment bullet Arcade Games
Coin operated arcade games are still a primary revenue driver for many family entertainment centers. Find all the best arcade games in here.
amusement equipment bullet Associations and Publications
A list of Amusement Industry associations and publications.
amusement equipment bullet Batting Cages and Pitching Machines
For players of all abilities and all ages, Batting cages and pitching machines can help your family fun center appeal to a wide group of people.
amusement equipment bullet Birthday Party's
Find a wide selection of birthday party ideas, services and unique products to help you create some magic!
amusement equipment bullet Blacklight Mini-Golf
Indoor blacklight mini-golf is glow-in-the-dark fun for the entire family. Perfect for amusement attractions and family entertainment centers.
amusement equipment bullet Bowling Products
New technology and design have created many new versions of bowling lanes and bowling products for family fun centers.
amusement equipment bullet Bumper Cars and Bumper Boats
These traditional activities no longer take up huge amounts of space or resources, add another activity center to your family entertainment business.
amusement equipment bullet Carpet and Furniture
Get some custom flooring and comfortable furniture inside and outside your family entertainment center.
amusement equipment bullet Climbing Walls
Not just for large family entertainment centers, new technology has introduced indoor climbing walls that are easy to manage, and will help drive revenues at your family fun center.
amusement equipment bullet Coin Operated Cranes
Stand-alone profit centers. You see them in many locations - Cranes filled with all the goodies your guests want. Find the best of the bunch here.
amusement equipment bullet Computers and Software
Better manage your family entertainment center with custom fun center software and POS systems.
amusement equipment bullet Entertainment Programming
You have heard this before, content is king - find new ways to add depth and entertainment value to your family fun center.
amusement equipment bullet Family Fun Center Design and Consulting
Start the fun center design process here. Find a wide variety of family entertainment center design consultants and amusement center experts.
amusement equipment bullet Family Entertainment Center Construction
Find master build companies that consult, design, build and setup turn-key amusement centers and attractions.
amusement equipment bullet Feasibility and Planning
Ensure your project success with a professionally prepared family entertainment center feasibility study and business plan.
amusement equipment bullet Financial Services
A growing list of financial services to help start and grow your family entertainment center.
amusement equipment bullet Food and Beverage
Every family entertainment center must offer a food and beverage option. Find companies who can help you grow and profit from excellent food service here.
amusement equipment bullet Go-Karts
Go karts have long been a standard activity at many family entertainment centers. New designs and technology make go-karts more attractive then ever.
amusement equipment bullet Halloween Haunts for Amusement Centers
Drive some serious seasonal revenues from your very own Haunted House. Amusement centers, theme parks and stand-alone fun centers can all profit from halloween time of year and beyond.
amusement equipment bullet Indoor Playgrounds
Indoor playgrounds have been the primary activity center for most childrens entertainment centers, see whats new in soft contained playgrounds here.
amusement equipment bullet Industry Education
New family fun center developers can quickly learn what it takes to create a financially successful family entertainment center by starting here.
amusement equipment bullet Inflatable Playgrounds
Looking for an inflatable playground or bouncy castle, Inflatables continue to add impact and interest to your family entertainment center.
amusement equipment bullet Insurance Companies - Amusement Equipment
Need amusement center insurance for laser tag, indoor playgrounds, miniature golf, go-karts, inflatables or others, these folks can hook you up.
amusement equipment bullet Interactive Flight Simulators
New amusement center simulators have come along way in recent years. Both software and hardware advancements have made the potential for real return on investment possible.
amusement equipment bullet Interactive Amusement Games
From counter-top interactive games to full-blown amusement simulators, keep your guests excited to play and return.
amusement equipment bullet Kiddie Rides
Find new and used amusement rides and kiddie rides for children 8 years and younger.
amusement equipment bullet Laser Tag
Find the world's best Laser Tag companies all on one page! Laser tag arena design, laser tag equipment and resources.
amusement equipment bullet Maintenance Supplies
Find amusement center maintenace equipment, supplies and services for your family entertainment center.
amusement equipment bullet Management - FEC Operations
Are you an existing Fun Center or amusement center looking to grow your business, maximize your profits and lower your operational cost? Are you thinking of building a Family Entertainment Center and looking for a proven management company to operate your location?
amusement equipment bullet Mascots and Costumes
Add another level of family friendly with birthday party costumes or a family fun center mascot.
amusement equipment bullet Marketing your Family Fun Center
New ideas and concepts to help better market your family entertainment center.
amusement equipment bullet Mazes - Interactive Fun
Mazes continue to grow in popularity for family entertainment centers and outdoor attractions, including amusement parks and attractions - learn more here.
amusement equipment bullet Miniature Golf
With good design, and a high guest-capacity, miniature golf offers family entertainment centers a lot of fun and profits. Talk to these folks about adding a custom mini-golf design to your family fun center.
amusement equipment bullet Paint Ball - Amusement Centers
A relatively new concept for the family entertainment center, Paint Ball has seen rapid growth within the amusement and fun center industry in recent years.
amusement equipment bullet Promotion and Advertising
From air-filled wavy guys, to air-ballons and customized direct mail, find unique ideas and ways to promote and advertise your family entertainment center.
amusement equipment bullet Redemption Games
Well managed redemption games can drastically increase your family entertainment center profits. Find the best redemption game companies here.
amusement equipment bullet Redemption Supplies
Every family entertainment center is losing revenue if you do not have a well stocked, well managed redemption prize counter.
amusement equipment bullet Retail Fixtures and Display
Incorporating a redemption games counter and other retail fixtures in your family fun center - find all your display, retail fixtures and material here.
amusement equipment bullet Roller Skating
Yes, they still roller-skate. In fact with new in-line skates and modular arenas, the trend is on the rise. Does it make sense to add roller skating to your family entertainment center?
amusement equipment bullet Ropes Course and Team Building
No longer just an outdoor activity - indoor rope courses and team building games and activities can help you expand and diversify your activity mix.
amusement equipment bullet Shooting Galleries
Coin operated and interactive indoor and outdoor shooting galleries, laser shooting projection hunting games, interactive laser targets and mid-way fun.
amusement equipment bullet Skate Parks and Ramps
A trend on the rise - skate boarding has never lost fashion, and now these companies want to add it to your family fun center business. Portable or permanent, give these skater dudes a call.
amusement equipment bullet Special Events
Grow your family entertainment center revenues with special events and community opportunities.
amusement equipment bullet Sports and Sport Activities
Looking for some indoor / outdoor activities or sporting equipment to fit your family entertainment center - from billiards tables to foosball this is the place.

amusement equipment bullet Surfacing and Safety Flooring
Enhance the guest experience and protect your family entertainment center investment. Add playground safety flooring and
safety surfacing to cushion falls and accidents.

amusement equipment bullet Theatrical Amusement Equipment
Adding a show or organized presentation to your family entertainment center can be a big draw. Find lighting, sound and other theatrical equipment here.
amusement equipment bullet Themeing your family fun center
Add some wow-factor to your family entertainment center. Whether you theme a facade, an indoor playground, or your entire fun center these themeing companies can help you.
amusement equipment bullet Tickets, Tokens and Coins
Cash management is a key component to long term financial growth at your amusement center. Do not let your cash walk out your family entertainment center's front door.
amusement equipment bullet Train on Tracks
Looking for a cool children's ride? How about the very popular Train on Tracks. Indoor or outdoor amusement train rides are always popular. Find them here.
amusement equipment bullet Used Parts and Equipment
Find used amusement equipment, including indoor playgrounds, climbing walls and other amusement equipment and parts for your family fun center.
amusement equipment bullet Vending and Equipment - Bulk
From coffee and food service to fun and games, today's vending equipment and supplies for family fun centers mean dollars to your bottom line.
amusement equipment bullet Virtual Reality and Motion Simulators
Prices have fallen, while new technology and software have improved - add a motion simulator to your family entertainment center.
amusement equipment bullet Water Games for Amusement Centers
Summer is coming. Without the need for a huge amount of space, family entertainment centers can now add these outdoor water games and attractions.
amusement equipment bullet Water Slides and Water Park Equipment
Add a little Wet-Play fun to your project. From kiddie pools and water slides to gigantic wave pools and full water park design and construction.
amusement equipment bullet Wristbands and Crowd Control
Upgrade your family entertainment center to include customized wrist bands, security systems and crowd control - parents will love you for it.

amusement equipment bullet Family Entertainment Center Oddities
Find the weird, wacky and wonderful from outside the usual fun center and amusement equipment supply companies.

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